Every Good Dog Goes To Heaven?

Every Good Dog Goes To Heaven

Every good dog goes to Heaven is a saying I grew up with… or was it “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor”? Actually, it was both and I believe they are both true sayings. No, not really. The one that says,”every good dog goes to Heaven” is not exactly true. Not just good dogs go to Heaven. All dogs go to heaven.

Hey, that sounds like a great name for a movie. OH no, you mean someone already did that? How about “All Animals Go To Heaven”. That’s more like it. That’s what I’m going to name my movie.

You see, I believe that all animals will go to Heaven. But that’s not exactly correct either. I don’t really believe anyone is going to Heaven…not you, not me… No, not every good dog goes to Heaven, nobody is going to Heaven at all… Heaven is coming to us.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray,”Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven”. Heaven was originally on Earth. We refer to it now as “The Garden of Eden”. That was God’s original creation… the way he intended it to be. He created the Earth and all the animals and “It was good.” And he created man in his image and put him in charge of all the animals.

The animals could talk to us then. Did you ever notice in Genesis, when the serpent starts talking to Eve, she wasn’t at all surprised. Did she say, “OMG the animals can talk!”. No… she wasn’t surprised at all. She was obviously used to talking to the animals.

But unfortunately, Adam and Eve didn’t trust that God could provide everything that they needed and desired to see what they could do for themselves chose to disobey God. We’ve been living in the Kingdom of the world since that time. But eventually God decided to come back to Earth as Jesus and begin restoring the Earth to it’s original creation. He died for us to show us how to live for him. Eventually, when we all learn to love and serve others as Jesus loved and served us. Heaven will be restored on Earth… as it is in Heaven. And we will live here in the “Garden” once again with all our animals. And it will be “good”.


Two Dogs Go To Heaven Memorial Picture

Two Dogs Go To Heaven

Hello and thanks for visiting my “Labor of Love” site “Do Dogs Go To Heaven?”. If this is your first visit to “Do Dogs Go To Heaven?”,  I must warn you that this site is quite eclectic. You never know what you might happen upon here. This post will feature my pet memorial picture called, “Two Dogs Go To Heaven”. I started this site in the hopes of reaching out to people who might be suffering from the heartache of pet-loss. Unfortunately, this is a subject that I am all too familiar with, having lost my beloved friend Sammy just this last September. I miss him very much. We were close friends for 15 years. But I’m not worried about Sammy. I worry about me more than Sammy. You see, he’s the lucky one. I wrote a song about it. Goes like this:
I know you’re the lucky one.
You’re up in Heaven having all kinds of fun.
While I’m down here feeling lonely and glum.
I know you’re the lucky one.
Well, that’s how the chorus goes anyway. I’ll put it on this site in it’s entirety when I get it recorded someday. By the way, I did record an album back in 2007. It’s called “Only With Love” and it’s available on Amazon. Just search “Barry Barnes Only With Love” Or you can just click here. this is a picture of my album cover for my cd "Only With Love"

I also have a book on Amazon that I wrote to help people to get through the grieving process after losing a loved one. The book is called, “My Pet Letter from Heaven”. Here is a link.
this is a picture of my book cover for "My Pet Letter from Heaven"

Now I would like to show you some of my listings from eBay of “Two Dogs Go To Heaven”
2 St Bernards with JesusmT4mDiIzRaXjLi683p1rohwAnother picture of 2 dogs with JesusOne last picture of 2 dogs with Jesus

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Do Dogs Go To Heaven or Not?

Do Dogs Go To Heaven or Not?

It has been brought to my attention that the debate is still not resolved. Do dogs go to Heaven or not. There seems to be some doubt among the believers and some hope among the unbelievers. This reminds me very little of the debate that is going on right now between the Democrats and the Republicans. Not to mention… the Church.
The so called Church, in my humble opinion is the main stumbling block. At least the Church that is most recognized by the general public. The one that proclaims what is right and what is wrong. The Church that proclaims what is sin and what is not sin. In my opinion, the people of the church have decided for the most part that there are some sins that are much worse than others and should be outlawed. These would be the sins of other people outside the church mostly. Since the divorce rate, for example, is highest among all those so called Christian people who go to church. they have conveniently decided to ignore that sin. And along with that sin they have also chosen to let greed, lust and adultery slide as long as they try to hide it as much as possible. But don’t even think about gay marriage. That is a definite no no. So, do dogs go to Heaven or not. What’s really funny (or not) is that the Bible is full of passages that talk about divorce, greed, lust and adultery but there is not one verse in the Bible that talks about gay marriage.
What’s up with that. Well, the Christians don’t want to talk about the log in their eye when it is much more convenient to condemn the splinter in someone elses.


All Animals Go To Heaven

All Animals Go To Heaven

Hi! My name is Barry Barnes. I create Pet Memorial Pictures. I sell them on eBay. I also created this website, do-dogs-go-to-heaven.com because I believe very strongly that all dogs do go to Heaven.

Actually, not only all dogs go to Heaven but all animals go to Heaven. I don’t really understand why there would even be any question about it. If you believe in such a wonderful place as Heaven, why wouldn’t you believe that all animals that God so lovingly created wouldn’t go there after they die?

I’ve heard people say things like, ” how could all the animals that ever lived on the earth all be in Heaven?” Do you think that there is not enough room? How big do you think this universe is? How small do you think our God is?

This world we live on is just a speck of dust when compared to the vastness of this universe. Just because we don’t understand something is no reason to doubt that it is true.

We all believe in time and space don’t we? Well if you don’t, you’ve got more serious issues than we have time to deal with here. But let’s just say that space exists. Does it have and end. If there is an end to space, then what lies 1 inch past the end of space? Or maybe you believe that there is no end to space. It just goes on forever. Good luck with that concept.

Anyway, space either has an ending or it doesn’t. But in either case we can’t really understand it but yet I think we have to agree that space does exist.

And what about time. Did it have a beginning? Well if it did, what happened one second before that. Or maybe you believe that time didn’t have a beginning. Time just alway existed. Good luck with that one too. Well, again, time either had a beginning or it didn’t but we can’t conceive of either scenario.

But just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. So I believe all animals go to Heaven. You don’t have to understand it to believe it is true.


Just Believe In Jesus-That’s It

Just Believe In Jesus

It really is just that simple… just believe in Jesus.
Jesus never told anyone that they had to change their ways before they could enter the “Kingdom”. Even when the thief on the cross along side Jesus said, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingdom!” And He said to him, “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Hey buddy, do you smoke or drink alcohol or do drugs or cuss? Have you ever been divorced or you’re not gay are you? First you have to clean up your act and then maybe we’ll talk about you coming to Paradise.” No, he never said that.
But that is the usual way that people think change comes about. The normal way to change someone is to say if you do this and that, then you will be get the reward that you deserve. Not with Jesus. Jesus says just believe in me and I will give you everything right now… change will come upon you as your love for Jesus manifests itself.
Too many people think that they must quit all of their bad habits before they can ask Jesus into their lives and become a Christian…wrong!
You don’t have to change anything about yourself. Jesus loves you just the way you are. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, or what you are doing. Jesus loves you unconditionally. And when you ask Him to come into your life-you will begin to see miracles.
It’s free…just try it. What have you got to lose. Just say, “Jesus, I believe in you and I would love for you to come into my life. Let me feel your spirit within me. Guide me and comfort me. Give me peace and Joy. Thank you Jesus. -Amen”
Just believe in Jesus!
And by the way… in answer to the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven?
“Yes, they most definitely do!”


The Best Newborn Baby Toy

Best Newborn Baby Toy

Why am I promoting a newborn baby toy on a site that asks the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven“? Simple… I really feel that I have already answered the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven?” quite satisfactorily in my previous post and I feel the need to write about something else. As the grandfather of a newborn baby, I am interested in in the best newborn baby toy. So without further ado here is the product I am promoting in this post.

If you have been visiting my site for any length of time you know by now that you never know what you might find here.

What’s coming up next?

Well, my site is nothing if not eclectic so you can be sure that you can’t logically guess what might show up here next but I guarantee you that it will be something you would never expect. I’m very interested in reviewing many of the products that I have purchased over the years and enlightening my readers of any pros or cons involved in those purchases. I make most of my purchases through eBay, Amazon or Walmart.

And that’s not all.

Not only am I going to share my experiences with my personal purchases, but I will also be sharing my reviews for items I have obtained for my businesses and for our church. For example, I recently purchased a 75 inch Smart TV for our church to use for our iWorship videos. I also bought the equipment to broadcast our iworship videos from the church laptop to the new TV wirelessly.

More on that purchase coming soon… please come back.

God bless…




Today I’ve made no resolution
The New Year page is clean and white.
But thoughts come stealing through my memory
Of just one year ago tonight.

For they were here, our neighbors laddies,
on furloughs, home careless and gay.
It seems unreal that now they’re fighting
On foreign fronts so far away.

So tall and straight they moved among us,
Those gallant lads in uniform.
We loved them, and we prayed dear Jesus,
Please won’t you keep them safe from harm.

Yet, we must pay a price for victory,
For rights to live as free men live.
War takes it’s toll in blood and heart aches.
So some their precious lives must give.

Will it be them? We vaguely wonder,
Our throats contract, the tear drops start,
A costly, costly price for victory.
Those shy sweet lads, dear to our hearts.

“Just the same.” they said at parting,
“Don’t change a thing, don’t move away.
We’ll want the same sweet homey neighbors.
For we’ II be coming back some day.

Again we’ll gather in the evening,
Just as we did those years ago.
You’ll pass around a plate of cookies,
And we’ll take three or four, you know.

The war will seem so far behind us,
We’ll talk of dear familiar things
Of happy days that are before us
In a land where peace and freedom reigns.

Now, with the clean, white page before me,
One resolution I must write.
To work and pray for peace and victory,
To keep the home fires burning bright.

They’ll want it all just like they left it,
Familiar scenes, for which they’ve fought
And let us be forever grateful
For the freedom that they bought.

This is yet another poem written by my Grandma Tucker during World War II. It was published in her local newspaper.


Your Pets In Heaven-Kat Kerr

Your Pets In Heaven

I don’t quite know what to think about this lady. She says that she has been taken on thousands of “tours” of Heaven. Jesus just showed up one day and told her that he wanted to educate her so she could be his spokesperson on earth for him about the coming “Heavenly invasion” of this world. If you listen to her you will be amazed that even though her stories, at first, sound like something a crazy person would be saying… she doesn’t really seem like a crazy person. I want to believe that she is telling the truth. And of course, I love what she has to say about your pets in Heaven.
Actually, we agree on the idea of your pets in Heaven and she says pretty much the same thing that I have been saying. People probably think I’m crazy too. Maybe we are both crazy.

I will say that I enjoy listening to Kat Kerr. She makes the idea of Heaven more real to me and she is fun to listen to. I wish she hadn’t brought politics into the picture however. But then again, I hope she is right about Trump too. She believe that Trump was chosen by God for this special time when she says that God is moving a lot of spiritual beings to the earth to start a Revelation… not a revival.

Time will tell

Anyway, I guess time will tell if Kat Kerr is for real or not. She has already made a few prophecies. She stated before the presidential election that Trump would be elected. As I stated previously, Trump was “chosen by God” according to Kerr. I don’t take that too seriously as a prophecy however as she had a 50/50 chance of getting that right.
I’m waiting to see God move in a big way here in the next few months. Kat says that we will see some amazing things here in the near future. I really hope that she is for real.

Click here and then search “Your pets in Heaven-Kat Kerr” to see the video of Kat Kerr and what she has to say about pets in Heaven.


Still Waters- A Poem by Edna Tucker



“Be still and know that I am God”

This still, small voice oft’ times we hear

When by the tumults of life

Our hearts are filled with doubts and fear.

“Be still and know that I am God”

Come thou apart and rest awhile.

Then as we seek a quiet place

We feel the warmth of His dear smile.

The things of earth grow strangely dim,

And heaven is so very near.

The while we look by faith to Him,

And cast upon Him every care.

But oh, how oft’ unheeded we,

Have turned this “still., small voice” aside,

Much too concerned with petty cares

To seek communion with our guide.

Life’s tide flows on so rapidly

There is so much, our days to fill.

Not often do we take the time

To walk beside the “waters still.”

To drain the overflowing cup,

To lean upon the staff, the rod,

Or listen to the voice that pleads,

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Our lives on earth will soon be past

We’re here today, tomorrow gone.

Only what’s done for Christ will last,

So why, oh why, rush madly on?

There’s time to sing, there’s time to pray,

To speak a kind word, give a smile.

There’s time to listen, when God does call,

“Come thou apart, and rest awhile.”

Edna Tucker


SACRED EARTH by Edna Tucker


Dedicated to the memory of American Soldiers, dead

Many miles from home loved acres
Where the crimson poppies blow
Are thousands of white crosses, side by side.

And it seems the sunlight lovingly above the mounds,
Where sleep the lads who for their country died.

Tread softly, for this place is sacred earth.
Beneath the little mounds are sleeping
Many a mother’s pride and joy.
And all the shining future held of worth.

Yes, we beg that you tread softly,
Don’t disturb the dreamless sleep.
They are the flower of a glorious land.
And if you have a garland to place upon the cross,
Won’t you lay it there with gentle hands?

Fresh tender grass is growing on the hills
Once drenched with blood
The sunlight filters through the bomb scarred trees,
And the fragrance of the wild flowers,
As in the long ago, is wafted on the gentle summer breeze.

Through a shining path of silver,
That the starlight makes each night,
Come the guardian angels of our hero dead.
And the clear pure dew from heaven,
Falls like a sweet caress on the hallowed place
Where they have made their bells.

And we have safely crossed the bridge of strife.
It all will be forgotten on that morning,
When our eyes behold the mountain tops of life.