We Will Reign Over the Animals in Heaven

Animals In Heaven?

In Genesis, God creates all the animals on the earth and then he creates Mankind in his own image. He blesses us and tells us that we are to rule or reign over all the animals on earth. In Revelation, God tells us that we are to reign over all the animals in Heaven.

Before the fall, this was a beautiful thing. Ruling and/or reigning over the animals in the “Garden” didn’t resemble anything like the animal ruling that we have on the earth today. But someday, when Jesus comes back, we will have a “new”(restored) earth  and we will once again have reign over all the animals in Heaven.

But that is not to say that we will be dictators as such over the animals in Heaven. To understand what God actually had in mind and still has in mind today, we need to take a look at what it means to “reign” as we find it explained in Revelation. John tells us that when the earth is restored to it’s former glory (Heaven) after Jesus comes back, we will once again reign over all the animals (just one more reason to believe that there will be animals in Heaven). It actually says that we will reign with Christ.

How does Christ reign? You have to remember that everything in the Kingdom is opposite of what we think here in the present world. That’s why Jesus’ Kingdom is sometimes referred to as the “Upside down” Kingdom. The first shall be last. The master becomes the servant. Jesus even washed the feet of the one he knew would betray him. We think of ruling others by using force or power over them. Christ always conquered by using power under. He defeated Satan by submitting to the power of the world and allowed himself to be put to death in a very horrific manner.

In Revelation, we see all of the inhabitants of the Heavenly Realms frantically searching for someone worthy enough to open the Holy scrolls. Finally, the only one found who is worthy is the Lamb. The Lamb is the one who laid down his life for mankind. The lamb is the one who defeated Satan and death. The Lamb is the ultimate servant.

And the Lamb is also the one who will reign over Heaven. And will reign with him. But we will reign by serving and caring. We will be serving and caring for all the animals.

And if we are “Kingdom” people now, that is what we should also be doing now. Being Kingdom people means being a servant and caring for others more than for ourselves. That means we should be thinking now about how we treat this earth. We should be serving and taking care of not only each other but we should be serving and taking care of everything on this earth…. not just the animals but also the trees, the air, the oceans… everything. That’s not a tree huggy, green thing… it’s a Biblical thing.


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