Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Okay, so in review, in my last post, I went on and on about buying your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Wal-mart as being my first choice. Please go back and read that post (“Where to Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer“)

But as I said in that post, one of the cons of buying from Wal-mart is that they usually have a limited selection of models to choose from.
Let’s say you found the one you really want for your child on another site like say, for example, the Fisher-Price website.

Or maybe you were shopping and you really want to buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at your local Babies R Us but you think the price is a bit high.
So Wal-mart doesn’t have it in stock locally and you can’t find it on Wal-mart Online either.
My next “go to” for anything I even think about purchasing is Amazon. Amazon has almost every model of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Amazon usually has a better price than any one else too (except maybe Wal-mart).

Amazon Prime Membership

If you buy very much stuff from Amazon, it really pays to become a “Prime” member. For around $100 per year, you and get free 2 day shipping on most items. Some people will try to tell you that they jack up the prices on the prime items to make up for the shipping. I will tell you that in most cases that just isn’t true.

My wife and I have been Prime members for years. We love it and highly recommend it to all our family and friends. If you only order a dozen or so items a year, the Prime membership will pay for itself very quickly in shipping costs.
Not only that, with your Prime membership, you also have access to lots of free movies and TV shows. We find great videos to watch through the Amazon Prime app on our Blu-Ray DVD player.

So, in conclusion, you can buy your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer at Amazon with free 2 day shipping.

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