I Make Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven

Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven

Hello and thank you for visiting my “Do Dogs Go To Heaven?” website. If you’ve been here before, you know that I Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven for people who have lost their beloved pets.

I don’t just do dogs, I do pets of all kinds but dogs are by far the most requested service I have encountered over the years. I’ve been creating memorial pictures since 1999.

Actually, I started out creating memorial pictures for people who had lost loved ones. My first picture was of my dad, who passed away in 1998. I was very comforted by that first picture, not so much that it was a real picture of my father in Heaven, but more of what it symbolized and what I believed to be true. The actuality of our loved ones with Jesus in Heaven is not something we will ever be able to render in this world.

Some of my family and friends liked the picture of my dad with Jesus and I started receiving requests for memorial pictures. It became a hobby of sorts and I made a little extra money to boot. Years later, after being laid off from my job, I decided to actually pursue making some more money with my memorial pictures. I quickly found that a lot more pet owners (especially dog owners) were interested in my pictures than people grieving there human loved ones were.

So I started Heavenly Images, a little online business. Unfortunately, it has only been very mildly successful. But more than the monetary value I receive from my pictures, the real reward comes from the gratitude of my customers. You see, I really do fill a need for many people who have lost their best friends and are heart-broken. Seeing pictures of dogs that go to Heaven can be very therapeutic and really helps many to get through the grieving process.


Why I believe this Bible Verse of the Day

Why I believe this Bible Verse of the Day

To begin with, let’s continue with the first 4 verses of Luke as the Bible Verse of the Day. I feel I must state why I believe this Bible Verse of the Day. Why should we believe that Luke is giving us an accurate account of the Jesus story.

Actually, that brings up the question, “Why believe in anything in the Bible?” Well, first of all, I will tell you that I do believe it… now. I didn’t always believe this story however. I know many people who grew up with the story of Jesus and just accepted it. That was what their family believe and that is what they were taught in church. I kind of envy these people who can just take “a leap of faith” and just know that it is true. That’s just not the way I’m wired.

As a child, I went to church and was taught the Bible from a young age. When I got old enough to quit going to church… I quit. It wasn’t until I started going to church again in my 40s did I really hear the part about Jesus being God. It came as a real shock to me. This got my attention.

Is the Bible a Fantasy?

In addition, I had always thought of the Bible as sort of fantasy book along the lines of Greek mythology, except not quite as exciting. This conception came mostly from the stories in the Old Testament. You know the ones… Adam and Eve, Jonah and the whale, and the Tower of Babel, just to name a few.

But, after my revelation that Jesus was God, I decided to find out how much evidence there was that this was true. I was amazed to find out that the New Testament is one of the most documented historical manuscripts in existence. Historians have certain requirements that have to be adhered to in order to pass their rigorous testing for authenticity.

And not only that… even though historian scholars disagree on many areas of the “Jesus” story… none of them can deny the fact that Jesus performed miracles and that he rose from the dead.

I started thinking…”Hey, if Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of verifiable eye-witnesses… maybe I should listen to everything he had to say. In conclusion, that is why I believe this Bible verse of the day.


Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

The Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is definitely a luxurious step up from the less expensive Geo-Meadow Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. However, it can be confusing when you actually go to purchase one. If you look at Walmart, my number one go to place for everything, (please read my post “Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer” for more information) you will have to pay over $20 more than the Prime (free shipping) option available at Amazon.this is a picture of the Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

The Walmart Snugabunny is $57.99 while one of the Amazon options is only $43.99. Shopping on Amazon can be really confusing although it is my number two go to place to buy anything and everything. You could pay as much as $87 on Amazon if you buy it from another seller. I explained in my previous post, “Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer“, if you start shopping at Amazon very much at all, you will find that it is well worth it to become an “Amazon Prime” member. It’s a hundred dollars a year but it doesn’t take long to recoup that hundred dollars when you start taking advantage of Amazon’s free 2 day shipping option for most items. The Fisher-Price Snugabunny Baby Bouncer is a great example of this value.

But, what if your child doesn’t like this Bouncer? Not very likely. I read all the reviews on Walmart and Amazon and this scenario didn’t happen very often but it is a possibility.

Always Read the Reviews

The main complaints I found on both sites were concerning the battery powered sound/music/vibration device. Apparently the batteries don’t last, are hard to replace and sometimes the device just fails. If your child (or grandchild) just doesn’t like this model, you are going to want to exchange it for a different model. If the sound/music/vibration device malfunctions, you will want to be able to take it back and get another one that works.

I believe that, in the case of changing batteries, some people are just more mechanically inclined and know that name brand high quality batteries last much longer than the cheaper ones. In any case, it may be advantageous to buy your Baby Bouncer from your local Walmart.

Amazon also offers free returns for most of there items but it is definitely much more of a pain to to ship something back to Amazon than it is to take it back to Walmart… but is it worth $20? But in conclusion, after reading so many positive reviews on the Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer, I think I would take a chance that my child or grandchild would be very happy with it and that it would prove to be a great investment for the six months or so that your loved one will be using it.


Models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers

Models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers

There are so many different models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers available. How can one make an educated decision in purchasing the right one for their child or grandchild in my case.

For example, you have the plain and least expensive Geo Meadow Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Even this model comes with a toy bar and vibrating feature now.

I remember our first Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer did not have either of these features. It was just a plain bouncer seat that you could set up on the dining room table so your child or grandchild as the case may be, could watch as you prepared supper or performed other tasks around the house.

But now, not only can you get the toy bar and the vibrator, for just $10 more you can also add music and a special cushiony seat with the Luminosity Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer.

But, hold on now, add still another $10 and you can purchase the “Fun & Fold” Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer which not only folds up for ease of travel and storage but also features an automatic soothing vibrator that begins as soon as you set your child in the extra soft seat.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea by now. You can go all the way up to over a hundred dollars if you want to spend that much. But is the most expensive one the best on for your child or grandchild?

Read the Reviews

Perhaps not. You might be surprised to find out that different babies absolutely love different models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers over other models… and there is no accounting for their tastes.

I strongly suggest that you read the reviews on Amazon before making your purchase. Especially read the one star reviews. You have to account for the fact that you just can’t please some people and that sometimes Fisher-Price, like Ford & GM produces a “lemon” on their assembly line.

But for the most part, you can learn a lot from the reviews. And remember, if you can find it at Walmart, buy it there because, if by chance your baby isn’t happy with it… you can take it back and get a different one.

Thank you for visiting. -God bless.




Today I’ve made no resolution
The New Year page is clean and white.
But thoughts come stealing through my memory
Of just one year ago tonight.

For they were here, our neighbors laddies,
on furloughs, home careless and gay.
It seems unreal that now they’re fighting
On foreign fronts so far away.

So tall and straight they moved among us,
Those gallant lads in uniform.
We loved them, and we prayed dear Jesus,
Please won’t you keep them safe from harm.

Yet, we must pay a price for victory,
For rights to live as free men live.
War takes it’s toll in blood and heart aches.
So some their precious lives must give.

Will it be them? We vaguely wonder,
Our throats contract, the tear drops start,
A costly, costly price for victory.
Those shy sweet lads, dear to our hearts.

“Just the same.” they said at parting,
“Don’t change a thing, don’t move away.
We’ll want the same sweet homey neighbors.
For we’ II be coming back some day.

Again we’ll gather in the evening,
Just as we did those years ago.
You’ll pass around a plate of cookies,
And we’ll take three or four, you know.

The war will seem so far behind us,
We’ll talk of dear familiar things
Of happy days that are before us
In a land where peace and freedom reigns.

Now, with the clean, white page before me,
One resolution I must write.
To work and pray for peace and victory,
To keep the home fires burning bright.

They’ll want it all just like they left it,
Familiar scenes, for which they’ve fought
And let us be forever grateful
For the freedom that they bought.

This is yet another poem written by my Grandma Tucker during World War II. It was published in her local newspaper.


Still Waters- A Poem by Edna Tucker



“Be still and know that I am God”

This still, small voice oft’ times we hear

When by the tumults of life

Our hearts are filled with doubts and fear.

“Be still and know that I am God”

Come thou apart and rest awhile.

Then as we seek a quiet place

We feel the warmth of His dear smile.

The things of earth grow strangely dim,

And heaven is so very near.

The while we look by faith to Him,

And cast upon Him every care.

But oh, how oft’ unheeded we,

Have turned this “still., small voice” aside,

Much too concerned with petty cares

To seek communion with our guide.

Life’s tide flows on so rapidly

There is so much, our days to fill.

Not often do we take the time

To walk beside the “waters still.”

To drain the overflowing cup,

To lean upon the staff, the rod,

Or listen to the voice that pleads,

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Our lives on earth will soon be past

We’re here today, tomorrow gone.

Only what’s done for Christ will last,

So why, oh why, rush madly on?

There’s time to sing, there’s time to pray,

To speak a kind word, give a smile.

There’s time to listen, when God does call,

“Come thou apart, and rest awhile.”

Edna Tucker


SACRED EARTH by Edna Tucker


Dedicated to the memory of American Soldiers, dead

Many miles from home loved acres
Where the crimson poppies blow
Are thousands of white crosses, side by side.

And it seems the sunlight lovingly above the mounds,
Where sleep the lads who for their country died.

Tread softly, for this place is sacred earth.
Beneath the little mounds are sleeping
Many a mother’s pride and joy.
And all the shining future held of worth.

Yes, we beg that you tread softly,
Don’t disturb the dreamless sleep.
They are the flower of a glorious land.
And if you have a garland to place upon the cross,
Won’t you lay it there with gentle hands?

Fresh tender grass is growing on the hills
Once drenched with blood
The sunlight filters through the bomb scarred trees,
And the fragrance of the wild flowers,
As in the long ago, is wafted on the gentle summer breeze.

Through a shining path of silver,
That the starlight makes each night,
Come the guardian angels of our hero dead.
And the clear pure dew from heaven,
Falls like a sweet caress on the hallowed place
Where they have made their bells.

And we have safely crossed the bridge of strife.
It all will be forgotten on that morning,
When our eyes behold the mountain tops of life.


Do dogs go to heaven?

Why not believe that dogs go to heaven?

Do you know for a fact that they don’t? If you have that information, please share. For me, I find this to be one of those positive or negative personality tests. Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a matter of personal preference. I choose the positive. I believe in Heaven.

What have you got to lose. If I believe and there is a Heaven… guess what, I’m there. But if I get to end of life and there isn’t a Heaven… then I’m I any worse off than if I didn’t believe in Heaven? I don’t think so. On the other hand, what if going to Heaven depends on believing in Heaven and if I go through this life and say there is no Heaven and then I die and … oh no…. I don’t get to go to Heaven just because I didn’t believe. What a tragedy.

So… in the same light, why not believe that dogs go to Heaven? Why wouldn’t they and even if they don’t, what is the point in belaboring the point. Just because we can’t comprehend something doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it disappear. There are so many aspects of this world that we can’t begin to explain and yet we can’t deny that they exist.

What about time and space for instance. We know that time is real and exists. But did time begin? If there was a first second when time began… what happened one second before that?  Okay, you say, “Time alway was. It always existed. There was no beginning of time.” Good luck with that. So, in essence, we know that time had to either have a beginning or not have a beginning… but neither concept is fathomable to our intelligence.

The same goes with the concept of space. We all agree that space exists… right? But where does space end? Does it have an end? If space has an end… then what is one inch past that point? We know that it either ends or it doesn’t. One of these statements must be true. But we can’t conceive of either of them being true.

So you can’t conceive of the idea that dogs go to Heaven? So what…


God for President

God for President

Wouldn’t that be great? God for president. Why not? Doesn’t it say, “In God We Trust” on our money? The problem has always been exactly that… we don’t trust God.

God has always wanted to be our leader. God hasn’t been the leader of any country since Samuel in the Old Testament. When Samuel got old he appointed his sons as Judges over Israel and the people complained. Samuel’s sons were disreputable and Israel wanted to have a king to lead them. They wanted a king and to be like all the other countries.

The truth is that all governments not led by God are led by Satan. Even Jesus acknowledges Satan as “Ruler of this world”. When Satan tells Jesus that he has authority over all the world and says he also has authority to give this power to whomever he wishes, Jesus doesn’t dispute his claim. And Satan doesn’t rule alone. He has a whole army of fallen angels (or demons if you prefer) to help him carry out his agenda.

Governments are a necessary evil in this fallen world, but with Satan ruling over all nations, is it any wonder that our world in it’s present evil condition. Is it any wonder that it is so hard to find a candidate or politician that is honest and upstanding. Why do they all have the reputation of being liars and cheats? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What is really frightening is the way Satan can influence men toward evil without them even realizing it themselves. It’s this self-centered, self-serving attitude that influences men to hunger for power and self-importance over the good of mankind in general.

God is love and love will conquer all in the end. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. But it is not a power that Satan recognizes. In fact, love is seen as weakness to those who are not aware of the truth of God’s power.


Dogs In Heaven

A friend of mine told me this story about dogs in Heaven.
He couldn’t remember where he saw the story so I apologize if someone else has previously posted this. It is just goes so well with my “Do Dogs Go To Heaven” theme that I have to use it. Besides, it is just a wonderful story and I love it so I’m going to post it. I just wanted to admit that it is not my original story. But, of course, I’m going to tell it in my own words.

It goes like this….

A man woke up one day only to find himself walking down a long and winding road in an unknown land. He finally realized he must be dead. He figured out that he was dead when his beloved dog who had died years before suddenly showed up and joined him in his winding journey through this unknown land. After some distance the man became very thirsty.

Eventually the man and his dog came upon a beautiful gated community with a huge set of ornate gates made of solid pearl. Beyond the pearly gates lay a magnificent city with streets of gold and a crystal sea of inviting clear blue water running along one side of the city. A man dressed in a beautiful golden robe met them at the gate.

The man with the dog asked the robed man, “Is this Heaven ?”

“Yes, it is.”, answered the man in the golden robe.

“Wonderful, may we come in and have some water? My best friend and I are very thirsty.”, said the man with the dog.

The man in the golden robe answered, “You are welcome to come in and drink  but dogs are not allowed in Heaven.”

Without hesitation, the man with the dog turned away and continued walking down the long winding road. Eventually they came to an old farm gate that was hanging by one hinge. Nearby the gate was a man sitting on a log whittling a stick of wood and humming a tune.

“Excuse me”, the traveler said, “Could a trouble you for a drink of water?”

“Sure, there is a well right there. Just help yourself”, replied the whittler.

“How ’bout my dog?”, asked the man.

“There’s a bowl right beside the well for you dog.”, was his answer.

The water was cool and awesomely refreshing.

After drinking his fill and also watering his dog the man asked, “What is this place?”

“Heaven”, he replied.

“That’s funny… a man back up the road aways  said that that was Heaven”

“No, that was Hell”

“Doesn’t that make you mad that they are claiming that their place is Heaven?”

“No, not at all. We are just happy that they are weeding out the people who would leave their best friend behind”

Now isn’t that a great “dogs in Heaven” story?