Do dogs go to heaven?

Why not believe that dogs go to heaven?

Do you know for a fact that they don’t? If you have that information, please share. For me, I find this to be one of those positive or negative personality tests. Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a matter of personal preference. I choose the positive. I believe in Heaven.

What have you got to lose. If I believe and there is a Heaven… guess what, I’m there. But if I get to end of life and there isn’t a Heaven… then I’m I any worse off than if I didn’t believe in Heaven? I don’t think so. On the other hand, what if going to Heaven depends on believing in Heaven and if I go through this life and say there is no Heaven and then I die and … oh no…. I don’t get to go to Heaven just because I didn’t believe. What a tragedy.

So… in the same light, why not believe that dogs go to Heaven? Why wouldn’t they and even if they don’t, what is the point in belaboring the point. Just because we can’t comprehend something doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it disappear. There are so many aspects of this world that we can’t begin to explain and yet we can’t deny that they exist.

What about time and space for instance. We know that time is real and exists. But did time begin? If there was a first second when time began… what happened one second before that?  Okay, you say, “Time alway was. It always existed. There was no beginning of time.” Good luck with that. So, in essence, we know that time had to either have a beginning or not have a beginning… but neither concept is fathomable to our intelligence.

The same goes with the concept of space. We all agree that space exists… right? But where does space end? Does it have an end? If space has an end… then what is one inch past that point? We know that it either ends or it doesn’t. One of these statements must be true. But we can’t conceive of either of them being true.

So you can’t conceive of the idea that dogs go to Heaven? So what…


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