Dogs In Heaven

A friend of mine told me this story about dogs in Heaven.
He couldn’t remember where he saw the story so I apologize if someone else has previously posted this. It is just goes so well with my “Do Dogs Go To Heaven” theme that I have to use it. Besides, it is just a wonderful story and I love it so I’m going to post it. I just wanted to admit that it is not my original story. But, of course, I’m going to tell it in my own words.

It goes like this….

A man woke up one day only to find himself walking down a long and winding road in an unknown land. He finally realized he must be dead. He figured out that he was dead when his beloved dog who had died years before suddenly showed up and joined him in his winding journey through this unknown land. After some distance the man became very thirsty.

Eventually the man and his dog came upon a beautiful gated community with a huge set of ornate gates made of solid pearl. Beyond the pearly gates lay a magnificent city with streets of gold and a crystal sea of inviting clear blue water running along one side of the city. A man dressed in a beautiful golden robe met them at the gate.

The man with the dog asked the robed man, “Is this Heaven ?”

“Yes, it is.”, answered the man in the golden robe.

“Wonderful, may we come in and have some water? My best friend and I are very thirsty.”, said the man with the dog.

The man in the golden robe answered, “You are welcome to come in and drink  but dogs are not allowed in Heaven.”

Without hesitation, the man with the dog turned away and continued walking down the long winding road. Eventually they came to an old farm gate that was hanging by one hinge. Nearby the gate was a man sitting on a log whittling a stick of wood and humming a tune.

“Excuse me”, the traveler said, “Could a trouble you for a drink of water?”

“Sure, there is a well right there. Just help yourself”, replied the whittler.

“How ’bout my dog?”, asked the man.

“There’s a bowl right beside the well for you dog.”, was his answer.

The water was cool and awesomely refreshing.

After drinking his fill and also watering his dog the man asked, “What is this place?”

“Heaven”, he replied.

“That’s funny… a man back up the road aways  said that that was Heaven”

“No, that was Hell”

“Doesn’t that make you mad that they are claiming that their place is Heaven?”

“No, not at all. We are just happy that they are weeding out the people who would leave their best friend behind”

Now isn’t that a great “dogs in Heaven” story?


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