Have Faith In God by Edna Tucker (My Grandma)


This is one of my grandmother Tucker’s poems. She had a very strong faith in God, so I am told, as she passed away from cancer when I was very young. I wish I could have known her better. I can barely remember her at all but I feel a strong connection to her just the same. She wrote many poem that were published in the local newspapers where she resided in Oklahoma. I am very proud to share them here.



Look up dear friend, the sun is always shining,

Beyond the low hung clouds of fear and doubt.

For even darkest clouds have silver linings,

And God has power to turn them inside out.

Look up, have faith, the rainbow’s perfect beauty

Surpasses any work of man made art.

But yet, it takes the clouds to form the rainbow,

While grief and sorrow washes clean, our hearts.

Press on, God has not promised downy pathways,

He has not promised skies serene and clear.

But if, His for us, lies thru the shadows,

His hand will lead us, so why should we fear?

There will be thorns upon life’s rugged highway,

And from the path of right we’ll sometimes stray.

Our weary feet will falter on the journey,

And many times we’ll have to ask the way.

But when the grades of trials are behind us,

And we know we’ve done our best

Our faith in Gods sweet mercy

Will take us home to rest.



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