Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay?

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay

Hello and welcome back to my Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Review site. Today I would just like to give my review on purchasing a Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay.

Without repeating myself to much (you can just scroll down to read any of my previous posts on the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer), I would like to say in review that I buy just about everything from one of 3 places.

Walmart is first because it’s local and if they have exactly what I want, I can get it now. I go to Amazon next if Walmart doesn’t work because I have a “Prime” membership and I can get most items in 2 days with free shipping and the price is usually pretty close to Walmart.

When to eBay?

There are times however, when I go to the marketplace that ranks third on my list… eBay. The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on eBay would probably not be my first choice. The exception would be if the particular model that I was looking for (and there are a lot of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers to choose from) was not to be found at either Walmart or Amazon.

There are many time that I would actually prefer to make my purchase from eBay rather than Amazon. Amazon does not really have the reliable feedback system that eBay has in place. EBay severely penalizes their seller if they don’t deliver good products and services.

Amazon on the other hand does not. So if you are looking for something that could be questionable depending on who you were purchasing it from, you might be better of to buy it from a highly rated eBay seller than you would be to buy it from an independent Amazon seller.

The trick is to check out the eBay sellers reputation first. If they are an established eBay seller with a 100% feedback score, they don’t want to do anything to mess up that seller reputation.

But I would almost always choose Walmart first over Amazon or eBay. The only exception being that I could save a lot of money by purchasing from eBay.


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