Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
The Fisher-Price Baby bouncer is the ultimate baby bouncer chair. First of all, this chair was very easy to assemble. It’s well made and lightweight. This isn’t the first one we’ve tried out. We had one that was hard for the baby to see out of. She didn’t want to stay in it for long. Next, we tried out a chair that reclined but the arm hit our granddaughter’s head when she was only a couple of months old. She now much older and still has plenty of room to grow in this chair.

The toys on this chair spin around which makes them much more entertaining for the baby. Instead of becoming frustrated as she did with the other chairs when she couldn’t pull the toys close enough to chew on them, she has fun twirling them around and watching them spin. I believe this is very helpful in developing her motor skills also.

The Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is a very highly rated choice of baby furniture. Although this item has received a majority of great reviews, there are also a few complaints. The number one complaint I found was that in some cases, larger toddlers have reportedly been able to flip the bouncer over. I would have to think that adults would be responsible for this to have occurred. Fisher-Price specifies the child’s weight limit of 25 pounds and should not be used once a child can sit up on their own.

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