Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

Fisher-Price Bouncer Options

If you are new parents, new parents to be, new grandparents or new grandparents to be you want to be sure to have some kind of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer on hand.

I fit the grandparents category. We just welcomed our 8th grandchild into the family in November. So I can say from experience how valuable the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is to us. We just purchase another one from Walmart even though we had 2 in the basement from earlier grandbabies.
Here is a little nugget of information you won’t find on a lot of other review sites for Fisher-Price baby bouncers. When your baby gets too big for this bouncer, put it away where your pet cats can’t find them. Cats absolutely love them. Our 2 cats have been using our 2 “retired” Baby Bouncers for so long that we didn’t feel that we could use them for our new grandchild.

Picture of our cat Sammy in Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer
Sammy loves his Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

There are many Fisher-Price Bouncer options. The one shown here with our cat Sammy is a very basic model. It doesn’t even have any toys attached to it.
For our new Fisher-Price Bouncer Option, we chose a “Rocker” model. This model has toys to help entertain the baby. Here is our new granddaughter enjoying her new chair. Although she is still too small to reach the toys, she loves to watch them.

This is a picture of a baby girl in a Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option
Our granddaughter in her new Fisher-Price Baby Rocker Option

Well, I guess you can’t really see the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer too well in this picture because I couldn’t help getting a close-up of our granddaughter.
So I will step back a bit and take another picture and you can see the difference in the Fisher-Price Baby “Rocker” option.

This is a picture of Snickers, our cat in the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Rocker Model Option
Cats love the Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer chair too.

Oops… how did Snickers get in there? lol


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