God for President

God for President

Wouldn’t that be great? God for president. Why not? Doesn’t it say, “In God We Trust” on our money? The problem has always been exactly that… we don’t trust God.

God has always wanted to be our leader. God hasn’t been the leader of any country since Samuel in the Old Testament. When Samuel got old he appointed his sons as Judges over Israel and the people complained. Samuel’s sons were disreputable and Israel wanted to have a king to lead them. They wanted a king and to be like all the other countries.

The truth is that all governments not led by God are led by Satan. Even Jesus acknowledges Satan as “Ruler of this world”. When Satan tells Jesus that he has authority over all the world and says he also has authority to give this power to whomever he wishes, Jesus doesn’t dispute his claim. And Satan doesn’t rule alone. He has a whole army of fallen angels (or demons if you prefer) to help him carry out his agenda.

Governments are a necessary evil in this fallen world, but with Satan ruling over all nations, is it any wonder that our world in it’s present evil condition. Is it any wonder that it is so hard to find a candidate or politician that is honest and upstanding. Why do they all have the reputation of being liars and cheats? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What is really frightening is the way Satan can influence men toward evil without them even realizing it themselves. It’s this self-centered, self-serving attitude that influences men to hunger for power and self-importance over the good of mankind in general.

God is love and love will conquer all in the end. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. But it is not a power that Satan recognizes. In fact, love is seen as weakness to those who are not aware of the truth of God’s power.


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