Here In Heaven (note from Sammy)

Here In Heaven
I didn’t want to leave you

I didn’t want to go

But now that I’m in Heaven

I just wanted you to know


I wouldn’t change a thing

There is no place that I’d rather be

It’s so wonderful in Heaven

So please don’t cry for me


I awoke in someone’s loving arms

As they softly called my name

And whispered to me, “Welcome home.

We’re so happy that you came.”


So then I asked them just where I was

Surprised that I could speak!

And when they told me I was in Heaven

I felt peace beyond belief


Suddenly my eyes were opened

And all was plain to see

All the questions I once had asked

Were answered then for me


And everything made perfect sense

As God revealed his plan

The meaning of life was crystal clear

From the day that time began


Everything that is, ever was or every will be

Is here in Heaven now.

It is, always has been and always will be

Except for bad things God does not allow.


Heaven is a beautiful garden

Heaven is a white beach on a crystal blue sea.

It’s anything that you can imagine

And everything you want it to be


Today I played with my favorite toy

The one I left behind

All I did was think of it

And there it was for me to find.


And guess what else I found in Heaven?

Guess who I play with all the time

Yes, you are here in Heaven with me.

You helped me write this rhyme


We’ve been together since I first arrived

And we will always be together.

We talk and laugh and play and sing

And we will love like this forever.


For time doesn’t exist in Heaven

Every day is grand

It’s the beginning and the end

Someday you’ll understand


Dogs Do Go To Heaven


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