I Often Thought

I Often Thought

I often thought when they were small

And marked crisscrosses on the wall,

That childless couples had the breaks.

I realize now, ’twas my mistake.

I often thought on baking day,

When they were always in the way,

That it would be, oh well, just fine

To have my kitchen cleared, one time.

I longed for solitude, it seemed,

Some leisure time to sit and dream.

But, as they leave the old home nest,

I’m being subjected to the test.

I find that youngster’s noisy ways,

Are better far than lonely days.

Today, my house is orderly,

But yet somehow, it don’t suit me.

I have a lot of leisure time,

But, they keep straying through my mind.

My daydreams are of by-gone years,

I salt my baking with my tears.

I don’t believe I’d mind at all,

To see cross marks on the wall.

To once more hear, ‘twould be so grand,

“Please mommy, may I lick the pan?”

This is a poem that was written by my grandmother, Edna Tucker. It is probably my favorite poem written by my grandmother. She died when I was 4 years old and I can’t really remember much about her except that she was kind to me. Edna Tucker’s poems were mostly published at the time by way of the local newspaper in a small town in Oklahoma were most of my family came from.

And I often thought, “Do dogs go to Heaven?”


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