In Memory by Edna Tucker


Written in memory of our dearly beloved father and grandfather, Robert Milton Brown
Whom God called home August 31, 1943

He’s gone. The sunlight doesn’t seem so, bright today.
A haunting sadness lingers in the air.
The old armchair is vacant,
The voice we loved is stilled.
For God has called our loved one over there.
Yet, we cannot help but listen,
For his foot fall on the walk.
And for the gentle tap, tap of his cane.
For it seems his spirit lingers
Around the old home place.
Altho’ we’ll never see him here again.

His last few, days on earth, he prayed so hard to die,
His shrunken body was so wracked with pain.
But, now bathed in the fountain
Of the crystal stream of life,
His body will grow strong and young again.
Just why this life must hold so much
Of heartbreak and of tears,
Is something that we cannot understand.
But, Jesus will reveal it. all to us some happy day,
When we are gathered there at God’s right hand.
We don’t know why we grieve
Because God called his spirit home,
And we were forced to lay him in the tomb.
He has only crossed the valley
That we all must cross someday.
To a paradise where fragrant flowers bloom.
We know that heaven now retains the treasures that it gave,
That earth the lonely casket only keeps.
And we feel the golden sunbeams love to linger round
‘The sacred place where dear old daddy sleeps.
The star of life has sunk from sight
For just a little while.
To rise again upon that blissful shore
Where like a precious jewel
In the crown of life he’s won
T’will shine amid the saints forever more.


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