Cheer for Grief? No Thanks. Just let me grieve.

Sorry, I know you mean well.
But I don’t want to go out to dinner tonight.
And I don’t want to go see that new movie either.
Yeah, I know that we always have fun when we do those things.
But, I don’t want to have fun right now.
Actually, I couldn’t possibly have fun right now.
I just lost my best friend ever.
Please don’t tell me that he’s in a better place.
Or that God just needed another angel.
I know it’s been over a week now and you are starting to worry about me.
You think I’m over the edge.
But I will be okay again someday.
Just like you tried to tell me a week ago.
Time will make it better… it will.
But for now, I’m empty.
There’s a place in my heart that died with him.
I can’t believe he is gone.
I know you don’t understand.
I remember when I was like you.
I wish I still was.
Then I didn’t understand how anyone could be depressed.
“Just snap out of it”, I used to think.
I don’t guess I was ever depressed until I lost my baby.
I know you don’t want to talk about it.
You think I will forget about it if I just let it go.
I will never forget about it.
I want to talk about it.
I need to talk about it.
I need to cry about it.
I need to grieve.
If you really want to help me.
Let me talk about it.
Let me cry about it.
Just listen…
and let me grieve.


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