I Lost My Friend Today. I Will Miss You Koda!

lost my friend
I miss you Koda…
I lost my friend today.
It really is amazing how quickly tragedy can strike.
One minute your watching a children’s soccer game on a beautiful Saturday morning.
The next minute you get a phone call saying your friend’s dog was hit on the road… dead… gone.
It doesn’t matter at all that it wasn’t my dog.
It hit me like a punch in the stomach.
Koda was always so happy to see me.
I loved that dog.
We played together every time I came to visit.
He was beautiful and smart.
Well, smart enough to get out the door every chance he got.
I guess he wasn’t smart enough to keep from getting run over.
I just can’t believe he is gone.
I’ll never get to play with him again.
I never got to say goodbye.
I wrote a new poem (I guess it’s more of a eulogy)

I see you running free now
Through woods and fields
Valleys and hills
Everything you always longed for
No tethers to hold you back
And I will see you again
In the blink of an eye… for you
But for me…
It will seem a bit longer
Till then…
I will miss you Koda.


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