Models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers

Models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers

There are so many different models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers available. How can one make an educated decision in purchasing the right one for their child or grandchild in my case.

For example, you have the plain and least expensive Geo Meadow Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. Even this model comes with a toy bar and vibrating feature now.

I remember our first Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer did not have either of these features. It was just a plain bouncer seat that you could set up on the dining room table so your child or grandchild as the case may be, could watch as you prepared supper or performed other tasks around the house.

But now, not only can you get the toy bar and the vibrator, for just $10 more you can also add music and a special cushiony seat with the Luminosity Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer.

But, hold on now, add still another $10 and you can purchase the “Fun & Fold” Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer which not only folds up for ease of travel and storage but also features an automatic soothing vibrator that begins as soon as you set your child in the extra soft seat.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea by now. You can go all the way up to over a hundred dollars if you want to spend that much. But is the most expensive one the best on for your child or grandchild?

Read the Reviews

Perhaps not. You might be surprised to find out that different babies absolutely love different models of Fisher-Price Baby Bouncers over other models… and there is no accounting for their tastes.

I strongly suggest that you read the reviews on Amazon before making your purchase. Especially read the one star reviews. You have to account for the fact that you just can’t please some people and that sometimes Fisher-Price, like Ford & GM produces a “lemon” on their assembly line.

But for the most part, you can learn a lot from the reviews. And remember, if you can find it at Walmart, buy it there because, if by chance your baby isn’t happy with it… you can take it back and get a different one.

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