My Best by Edna Tucker


When day was done,

And purple shadows lengthened on the hills,

I wondered if the deeds I’d done

Would count for good or ill,

I wondered if I’d tried my best,

To help lift the load,

Of those I’d met bowed with care,

Along life’s rugged road.

If I had left a loving word

Or brushed away a tear,

Of those whose hearts were longing

For just a word of cheer.

And as I thought upon these things,

I was forced to admit,

That, busy with the cares of life,

Sometimes I do forget.

My heart was heavy,

As knelt to say my evening prayer,

To Him who had watched over me,

With such loving care.

I prayed, “Dear God,

Today is gone into eternity,

And now, I see so many things,

I could have done for Thee.

Give me another day, dear Lord,

Another chance to give,

Myself in helping others

To look to Thee and live.

That when another, day is gone,

And I’m put to the test

I find the joy that comes to those,

Who know they’ve done their best.

My best for Thee, my very best,

In lifting fallen men.

For life is short,

And many will not pass this way again.

Please keep my hands, my busy hands,

At Thy appointed tasks,

And let my motto ever be,

“For others first and last.”


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