A Tribute To My Mother


Within the temple of my heart, there is a lovely pictured face
So deeply etched by memory’s pen that time and tide cannot erase
This face I see within my dreams,
Her soft brown eyes, her smile so dear
When in the arms of sleep,
I drift back to my happy childhood years.
I hear her read the Word of God,
I kneel beside my little bed,
I feel her blessing as she lays her gentle hand upon my head.
I was so young when she went home,
I we wondered why she had to go.
How death could strike our little home,
And take the one we needed so.
But yet, I would not now recall her,
Back to earth, she is at rest.
And some sweet day we’ll understand,
Just why God’s way is best.
But as the months and years roll on,
Within my heart her memory glows.
And in that home of peace and love,
I feel my mother sees and knows.

This is another poem by my Grandma Tucker about her mother who passed away in her youth.
She also passed on at a young age.
Thankfully my mother is still going strong at 81 years.

My Grandma added the following short verse after one of her other poems (not this one) and I am including it here…

Dear Folks
Up here, wild berry picking is getting underway,
While the chiggers have been digging in,
As tho, they’ve come to stay.
They have plenty reinforcements
And are never battle weary,
We sure have paid a scratching price
To take just a few berries!!!!!


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