My Pet Letter From Heaven Pt 2

My Pet Letter from Heaven

Hello and thanks for visiting.

I’m Barry Barnes and I have a book on Amazon entitled “My Pet Letter From Heaven”.
I wrote the book to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
I am publishing my book here on my blog so you can see what you are buying on Amazon.
The idea is that I believe this is a great gift to be given to someone you know who is hurting from the loss of their beloved pet.
Of course this is just the text, which is spread out over 40 pages and inter-mingled with samples of my personalized pet memorial pictures.

Sorry but “My Pet Letter from Heaven” is no longer available here.

Please please go to Amazon to purchase this book.

My Pet Letter From Heaven: Comforting pet-loss message from a pet in Heaven with surprise twist ending designed to help the bereaved through the … by author and owner of Heavenly Images. Paperback – January 11, 2015
by Barry Barnes (Author)
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