Personalized Pet Memorial Pictures from Heavenly Images

personalized pet memorial picture
Recent personalized pet memorial picture created by request of customer for his wife.


Hello and Thanks for visiting.
My name is Barry Barnes.
I create personalized pet memorial pictures for people.
I haven’t always created personalized pet memorial pictures.
Back in ’99 I created my first memorial picture.
My father had passed away suddenly from heart problems in ’98 and I had never really gotten to say “Goodbye” to him.
So after learning Photoshop, one of the first projects I attempted was to create a memorial picture of my dad.
At first I just had a picture of him in the clouds.
But then my wife, Jenny suggested that I put Jesus in the picture with him.
I couldn’t believe the peace I felt just gazing at that picture.
Not long after that, my wife’s father passed away and I created a memorial for him and gave it to Jenny’s mother.
She still has it on her wall.
Soon I founded Heavenly Images and over the years I have created hundreds of personalized memorials for people.
I still create custom personalized memorial pictures for people but in the last five years or so I have found that custom personalized pet memorial pictures are in more demand by the general public. I found this to be especially true as I moved to selling all my products on eBay.
I am now moving back to my website Heavenly Images CLICK HERE
Please check out my newly remodeled website. It is now “mobile friendly”.
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Thanks again for visiting.

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God bless you.



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