Tragic Story of Koda -A Story About Pet Loss

lost my friend
I miss you Koda…

Tragic Story of Koda -A Story About Pet Loss

If you are grieving the loss of one of your best friends, I am very sorry.
I wish I could say something to take away the pain… but I can’t.
I just recently lost one of my best friends too.
Such a tragedy.
It’s been weeks now but I still can’t believe he is gone.
He was so full of life.
Koda was a beautiful Siberian Husky.
He would always greet me with an energetic “high-ten”, a bad habit of which I should have broke him but never really tried because I enjoyed it so. We loved to wrestle with one another. But he was always careful and gentle with the kids.
He loved to fetch and catch and never tired of playing games with me.
His favorite thing was to run… man could he run… and it was a beautiful sight to behold and even though we have a very large yard, he could traverse from one end to the other in what seems like seconds.
The worst habit he had was trying to escape the yard and run free through the neighborhood every chance he got. He didn’t like to be left alone and more than once, I came home from work to find he had discovered a loophole in my security system.
But after calling a few friends I could always locate him safe and sound. Eventually we got all the bugs out of the security system and Koda had finally resolved himself to occupying his spare time by digging up the yard and finding various things to chew up around the house. All was well… until our 2 year old figured out how to open doors.
Koda hadn’t had a chance to run free for a long time and he took full advantage of it. This time no one called to say “Your dog is in our front yard”. This time a cop drove up the driveway and solemnly told me that our Koda was lying on the road about a half a mile away. He had found his way to the busy highway.
It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. To see him like that. I had to take him to be cremated. I just couldn’t accept it at first. He was just so full of life. I couldn’t accept the fact that I was never going to play with him again. It still just doesn’t seem real. It just can’t be. Of course I blamed myself. I should have taught him the dangers of the big highway. I should have had child proof door handles.
It didn’t matter now… Koda is gone forever.
But not so… I will see him again.
I believe in Heaven.
Not “Pet” Heaven, but Heaven.


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