Praying to God 101

Praying to God 101

The other day, a good friend of my exclaimed to my that she was ready to start praying but confessed that she did not have a clue about how to pray. I told her that it wasn’t that long ago that I had confessed the same thing.

This is what someone told me and it has really been a blessing. I hope that it might help someone else out there also.

Prayer is just talking to God. It is probably the most important thing you can do. But it is also the easiest thing to do. You can talk to God anytime and anywhere. You can pray in the car, in your bed, while you’re washing dishes, in the department store, on your knees, on your feet, with hands folded or arms raised.

You should have a special time that you reserve for God but you can also talk to God all day long. If you see someone who is hurting you can just say, “God, please bless that person”. Or if you hear an ambulance siren you might say, “Lord please help that person and help the doctors to have wisdom.” Or if something good happens to you, be thankful and say, “Thank you Lord”.

It is habit you have to develop at first. I like to try to remember to say, “Good morning Lord.” as soon as I wake up because God has been there with me all night watching me sleep. It would be rude not to say something to Him when I first awake. Put a sticky note on your alarm clock to remind yourself at first.

Sometimes I just visualize Jesus sitting next to me in the car and I try to talk to Him just like I would any other friend. Jenny and I like to pray first thing in the morning. It’s so easy to forget though especially when you’re running late or something. But I find that if I don’t take the time to pray first thing, that in a matter of minutes I become consumed by all the daily chores pulling at me and before you know it, you’re lost in the things of the world again.

He longs to hear from us. That is why He created us.


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