I Make Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven

Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven

Hello and thank you for visiting my “Do Dogs Go To Heaven?” website. If you’ve been here before, you know that I Pictures of Dogs That Go To Heaven for people who have lost their beloved pets.

I don’t just do dogs, I do pets of all kinds but dogs are by far the most requested service I have encountered over the years. I’ve been creating memorial pictures since 1999.

Actually, I started out creating memorial pictures for people who had lost loved ones. My first picture was of my dad, who passed away in 1998. I was very comforted by that first picture, not so much that it was a real picture of my father in Heaven, but more of what it symbolized and what I believed to be true. The actuality of our loved ones with Jesus in Heaven is not something we will ever be able to render in this world.

Some of my family and friends liked the picture of my dad with Jesus and I started receiving requests for memorial pictures. It became a hobby of sorts and I made a little extra money to boot. Years later, after being laid off from my job, I decided to actually pursue making some more money with my memorial pictures. I quickly found that a lot more pet owners (especially dog owners) were interested in my pictures than people grieving there human loved ones were.

So I started Heavenly Images, a little online business. Unfortunately, it has only been very mildly successful. But more than the monetary value I receive from my pictures, the real reward comes from the gratitude of my customers. You see, I really do fill a need for many people who have lost their best friends and are heart-broken. Seeing pictures of dogs that go to Heaven can be very therapeutic and really helps many to get through the grieving process.


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