Is There Really a Pet Heaven?

Is there really a Pet Heaven?
I hear that question more and more these days.
And my answer is always… I don’t know.
What I do know is that there is a Heaven.
Isn’t that good enough?
I have proof that there is a Heaven and that we will see our pet’s again when we get there. (more on this in a later post)
Now maybe our pet’s spend some time in another place like Rainbow Bridge for a while until we are ready to join them.
That could be “Pet Heaven” but I just don’t know about that for sure.
Actually, I’d rather think that they just go to the same Heaven that we go to where everything is so wonderful that we cannot even imagine how awesome it will be. It’s far beyond our realm of brain capacity. If we only knew what it is like in Heaven, we would all be trying to get there faster instead of trying to find the “Fountain of Youth”. We will find out someday that all those friends and family that have gone before us are really the lucky ones. They get to enjoy Heaven while we have to stay here and miss them.
But I guess it gives me some comfort to think that there is a “Pet Heaven” too where all the animals play together and just have lots of fun when they leave here. Just as long as I know that I can stop by this Pet Heaven and pick up my precious friends and take them with me when it’s my time to go.
I do know that one way or another my animal friends will all be with me when I go to Heaven. It will be better than it ever was on the best day on this earth. It will be like the Garden of Eden. We will be able to talk to the animals and they will talk to us. (more about this in another post too). Won’t it be great to finally know what Princess was trying to tell you all these years?


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