Rottweiler Memorial for Duke Wellington at Rainbow Bridge

Rottweiler Memorial for Duke Wellington at Rainbow Bridge

This is a custom Rottweiler memorial that I just completed for a client for her Rottweiler “Duke Wellington”.

” My dog name was Duke Wellington and he respond by Wellington. I have him since he was 6 months and he developed diabetes type II when he was 4 years and and 6 months due to cortisone shots that he was having for skin allergies during the summer. I took care him until he was 12 years and 7 days. He born on march 25, 2000 and passed away April 1, 2012. He was very special to me. Thank you for sending me your e-mail. You and your wife seem to be very special people. Out of the two pictures that I sent you my favorite is the one that he is sitting by the tree, he was about 9 months and he was happy and healthy. Tell me what you think.”

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I thought the picture she sent me was perfect for Rainbow Bridge and I told her so.

“I’m so sorry.
The picture of Wellington by the tree will be perfect.
I can see him sitting at the Rainbow Bridge like that.”

She wrote back.

” I feel the same way, I see him sitting down , happy , healthy and relax , waiting for me.”

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