Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

The Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer is definitely a luxurious step up from the less expensive Geo-Meadow Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer. However, it can be confusing when you actually go to purchase one. If you look at Walmart, my number one go to place for everything, (please read my post “Where To Buy A Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer” for more information) you will have to pay over $20 more than the Prime (free shipping) option available at Amazon.this is a picture of the Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

The Walmart Snugabunny is $57.99 while one of the Amazon options is only $43.99. Shopping on Amazon can be really confusing although it is my number two go to place to buy anything and everything. You could pay as much as $87 on Amazon if you buy it from another seller. I explained in my previous post, “Where Else To Buy Your Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer“, if you start shopping at Amazon very much at all, you will find that it is well worth it to become an “Amazon Prime” member. It’s a hundred dollars a year but it doesn’t take long to recoup that hundred dollars when you start taking advantage of Amazon’s free 2 day shipping option for most items. The Fisher-Price Snugabunny Baby Bouncer is a great example of this value.

But, what if your child doesn’t like this Bouncer? Not very likely. I read all the reviews on Walmart and Amazon and this scenario didn’t happen very often but it is a possibility.

Always Read the Reviews

The main complaints I found on both sites were concerning the battery powered sound/music/vibration device. Apparently the batteries don’t last, are hard to replace and sometimes the device just fails. If your child (or grandchild) just doesn’t like this model, you are going to want to exchange it for a different model. If the sound/music/vibration device malfunctions, you will want to be able to take it back and get another one that works.

I believe that, in the case of changing batteries, some people are just more mechanically inclined and know that name brand high quality batteries last much longer than the cheaper ones. In any case, it may be advantageous to buy your Baby Bouncer from your local Walmart.

Amazon also offers free returns for most of there items but it is definitely much more of a pain to to ship something back to Amazon than it is to take it back to Walmart… but is it worth $20? But in conclusion, after reading so many positive reviews on the Snugabunny Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer, I think I would take a chance that my child or grandchild would be very happy with it and that it would prove to be a great investment for the six months or so that your loved one will be using it.


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