Sure Don’t Feel Like Sunday… a song.

While working at my new job today it suddenly occurred to me that it was Sunday and I found myself thinking, “It sure don’t feel like Sunday”.

As a lifelong writer of songs, prose and poetry, I knew immediately that this was a great song title (probably country genre) and I was inspired to write this song… actually, it’s a work in progress…

I remember, as a kid growing up, Sundays for us were really a time of rest. My grandpa worked in the Oklahoma coal mines 5 days a week. And even though he still had to get up at 4am to milk the cows on Sunday, he took time to go church and relax the remainder of the day. It was a lot easier back then I guess because everything was closed on Sunday.

Sure Don’t Feel Like Sunday

by Barry Barnes

It’s early to bed on a Saturday night

Gotta be at work ‘fore the morning light

Packed my lunch, my coffee and my Gatorade.

Gotta last 12 hours so I can draw my pay

It don’t feel right

And it don’t feel fine

And it don’t feel righteous for me most the time

The bossman’s laughing like it’s some kind of joke

But it don’t feel funny…

And it sure don’t feel like Sunday






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