Tolerance by Edna Tucker


We meet with various opinions
As. we journey thru this life.
From men of low estate and men of rank.
But, please don’t get the notion,
This world just revolves for you.
And that you’re the only one
That’s not a crank
For you might be like the fellow,
A politician, too,
Who really seemed to think he knew it all
He didn’t seem aware of it,
But everybody knew,
That he was riding for an awful fall.
He dubbed the other fellow,
A dozen kinds of fool
He pictured him
A great big clumsy clown.
But, when the votes were counted,
He learned to his dismay
That it was the other guy,
That went to town.
So don’t go poking fingers
In some other fellow’s pie
More than likely, you will
Burn them to a crisp.
And if you really know it all,
Just keep it to yourself.
Don’t offer your advice
Unless you’re asked for.
For it’s best to work together
And be tolerant to all.
For everybody has
The right to think.
It also pays to bear in mind
When casting out your line,
That you’re not the only
Turtle in the tank.

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