Why I believe in Jesus After All

Why I Believe In Jesus

My name is Barry Barnes. I would like to tell you why I believe in Jesus & the Bible. Currently, my wife and I have 6 dogs, 4 goats and 2 cats. Our kids are grown  now and our pets are our children. We love them very much. We’ve known the pain of losing a loved one more than once through the years; both humans and animals alike.

Nothing can take away the pain except maybe time and the knowledge that this life is not all there is. Sometimes, with all of life’s ups and downs, the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that this life is a mere nanosecond of time compared to the eternity of time we will spend with God in Heaven. For me, Heaven is the meaning of life.

I was pretty wild growing up and I didn’t really think much about God or dying. But after I finally settled down and had a family I started contemplating my mortality. I started worrying about what was going to happen after all this life was over ( eventually I wrote a song about it). I started researching all the popular religions and beliefs.

I had grown up in a typical “Christian” household and was dragged to church for most of my childhood. So I was familiar with the Bible stories and Jesus but I didn’t really think that they were any more believable than the Greek mythology that I learned in the public school system. Several people changed my mind in a big way.

The first reason why I believe in Jesus is my wife, Jenny.  She reintroduced me to the church and helped me to conquer my drinking problem which was a miracle in itself. I had been drinking heavily for about 30 years and it was no easy task to put a stop to this destructive habit. She wanted to walk away several times but God assured her that it would be alright… and of course, He was right. I found myself reading the Bible as if for the first time and I remember very well the epiphany I had when I realized that Jesus was actually God come down to earth… REALLY!!!

Somehow, I had missed that concept through all my childhood church upbringing. And not only that, but He also rose from the grave… came back to life after being executed in the most horrible way. Was this for real? I had to find some answers. Did Jesus really rise from the grave? If Jesus really did rise from the grave, I think I might need to listen to what He had to say. But I still wasn’t really convinced that all this was true.

Another person to really make an impact on my way of thinking was Lee Stobel. He was a prominent investigative reporter from Chicago who, upon finding that his wife had been swayed to become a Christian, set out to prove that the Bible, Jesus and the whole Christian religion was nothing but a crock of poop. Well, long story/short; he ended up becoming a Christian himself and wrote the book, “The Case For Christ“. I read this book and it truly change my life. Mr Strobel did such extensive research into the authenticity of the Bible and Jesus that made me rethink my position on what this life was all about. I’ve never been the same.

Through one of Stobel’s interviews in his book, “The Case for Christ”, I was introduced to a theology professor named Greg Boyd. I found his commentary so interesting that I searched the Internet to find out more about him. I found out that he was also a preacher/teacher and his own church. That was back around the year 2000. He has now retired from his professor job and is the primary teacher/speaker at the Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. I can’t begin to explain what an influence his teachings have been for me. You just have to listen to him to understand. He is like no other “preacher” you ever heard. He is not only spiritually and Biblically knowledgeable, he is also very entertaining, humorous and fun to listen to. And you can download all his sermons and listen to them for free at whchurch.org

And that’s why I believe in Jesus