Why Believe The Bible Instead of… say, The Koran?

Why Believe The Bible?

Please note:I apologize for the video not matching the audio. There is no video for this teaching and it is one of the best so I put it with another video. Just close your eyes and listen.

There are many claims to truth. Many books even claim to be inspired by God. Yet the Bible stands above the rest in several ways

First, the Bible has been the most criticized, analyzed, and attacked book in history. Yet it has proven to be the more resilient book in history, standing up under all of the scrutiny. Archeological evidence has confirmed the truth of the Bible again and again, and millions of intelligent people continue to believe in it.

Second, the Bible has supernatural features like no other book. There are hundreds of prophecies contained in the Bible that have come true down to the last detail.

Third, no other book has a message like that in the Bible. The Bible is so bizarrely beautiful, no human imagination could have made it up. The Bible often shows human history from God’s point of view, detailing how God has pursued us throughout time.

Fourth, no other book has the transforming power in people’s lives that the Bible has. The Holy Spirit is present in the Word, and therefore the Bible has the power to change people.

Pastor Greg Boyd is my hero! Actually Jesus is my hero, but Greg is a pretty good guy too. I’ve been following Boyd since I read about him in “The Case for Christ” book by Lee Strobel. I feel like I know him personally as I have downloaded and listened to all his old sermons all the way back to the 90s. Most of the songs I’ve written were inspired by one or more of his messages. Boyd is definitely,at times, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Other times he is definitely “Way out there”. Whatever he is, it is always for real.

I personally believe Greg Boyd is a modern day “John The Baptist”, preparing the way for Jesus’ return.

Please listen to this whole teaching on “Why Believe the Bible”. This and many more of Greg’s

sermons are free to download from his website: CLICK HERE


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