Your Pets In Heaven-Kat Kerr

Your Pets In Heaven

I don’t quite know what to think about this lady. She says that she has been taken on thousands of “tours” of Heaven. Jesus just showed up one day and told her that he wanted to educate her so she could be his spokesperson on earth for him about the coming “Heavenly invasion” of this world. If you listen to her you will be amazed that even though her stories, at first, sound like something a crazy person would be saying… she doesn’t really seem like a crazy person. I want to believe that she is telling the truth. And of course, I love what she has to say about your pets in Heaven.
Actually, we agree on the idea of your pets in Heaven and she says pretty much the same thing that I have been saying. People probably think I’m crazy too. Maybe we are both crazy.

I will say that I enjoy listening to Kat Kerr. She makes the idea of Heaven more real to me and she is fun to listen to. I wish she hadn’t brought politics into the picture however. But then again, I hope she is right about Trump too. She believe that Trump was chosen by God for this special time when she says that God is moving a lot of spiritual beings to the earth to start a Revelation… not a revival.

Time will tell

Anyway, I guess time will tell if Kat Kerr is for real or not. She has already made a few prophecies. She stated before the presidential election that Trump would be elected. As I stated previously, Trump was “chosen by God” according to Kerr. I don’t take that too seriously as a prophecy however as she had a 50/50 chance of getting that right.
I’m waiting to see God move in a big way here in the next few months. Kat says that we will see some amazing things here in the near future. I really hope that she is for real.

Click here and then search “Your pets in Heaven-Kat Kerr” to see the video of Kat Kerr and what she has to say about pets in Heaven.


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